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VOC2012 Detection
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The main goal of this challenge is to recognize objects from a number of visual object classes in realistic scenes (i.e. not pre-segmented objects). It is fundamentally a supervised learning learning problem in that a training set of labelled images is provided. The twenty object classes that have been selected are:

  • Person: person
  • Animal: bird, cat, cow, dog, horse, sheep
  • Vehicle: aeroplane, bicycle, boat, bus, car, motorbike, train
  • Indoor: bottle, chair, dining table, potted plant, sofa, tv/monitor

There are three main object recognition competitions: classification, detection, and segmentation, a competition on action classification, and a competition on large scale recognition run by ImageNet. In addition there is a "taster" competition on person layout.

Classification/Detection Competitions

  1. Classification: For each of the twenty classes, predicting presence/absence of an example of that class in the test image.
  2. Detection: Predicting the bounding box and label of each object from the twenty target classes in the test image.

Participants may enter either (or both) of these competitions, and can choose to tackle any (or all) of the twenty object classes. The challenge allows for two approaches to each of the competitions:

  1. Participants may use systems built or trained using any methods or data excluding the provided test sets.
  2. Systems are to be built or trained using only the provided training/validation data.

The intention in the first case is to establish just what level of success can currently be achieved on these problems and by what method; in the second case the intention is to establish which method is most successful given a specified training set.


Please use the following citation when referencing the dataset:

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