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Finger Tapping Hand Keypoints Dataset
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Apr 11, 2022 2:34 AM


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This dataset contains 782 cropped images about the right hand's exercise performances corresponding to "finger appose" and "appose finger sucession" from 4 different subjects and respective annotations for them.

Appose Finger Sucession means the participant is instructed to tap each finger against the thumb in order of Thumb to Index, Middle, Ring, and Little finger respectively. This sequence is to be repeated as fast as possible. The participant is told not to tap in the backward order.

Finger Tapping means the participant is instructed to tap the index finger against the thumb as fast as possible.


Annotations for images are stored in CSV files. The columns correspond to these fields:

  1. Frame number: This is the frame number of each image from different subjects.
  2. translated_centroid: coordinates of the translated centroid of the right hand from the original cropped image.
  3. right_wrist: coordinates of the right wrist.
  4. right_thumb: coordinates of the right thumb tip.
  5. right_index: coordinates of the right index finger tip.
  6. right_middle: coordinates of the right middle finger tip.
  7. right_ring: coordinates of the right ring finger tip.
  8. right_little: coordinates of the right little finger tip.

Each coordinate has two columns, representing x and y respectively. Therefore the CSV file has 15 columns in total.


Image files are labelled in the format: "subject(#subject_number)_fingercount_cropframe_(#frame_num).jpg". Here (#subject_number) corresponds to subjects from 1 to 4 and (#frame_num) correspond to the image frame number.

The original images are of 640 X 480, while these cropped images collected in HKD are of 257 X 257 and are lossely cropped right hands from the participants' captured RGB frames.

The csv files are labelled in the format: "subject(#subject_nember)_fingercount_2D_Annotations_cropped.csv", encoded by 'utf-8'.

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