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Feb 10, 2022 9:13 AM


UCF101 is an action recognition data set of realistic action videos, collected from YouTube, having 101 action categories. This data set is an extension of UCF50 data set which has 50 action categories.

Data Format

The action categories can be divided into five types: 1)Human-Object Interaction 2) Body-Motion Only 3) Human-Human Interaction 4) Playing Musical Instruments 5) Sports.

The action categories for UCF101 data set are: Apply Eye Makeup, Apply Lipstick, Archery, Baby Crawling, Balance Beam, Band Marching, Baseball Pitch, Basketball Shooting, Basketball Dunk, Bench Press, Biking, Billiards Shot, Blow Dry Hair, Blowing Candles, Body Weight Squats, Bowling, Boxing Punching Bag, Boxing Speed Bag, Breaststroke, Brushing Teeth, Clean and Jerk, Cliff Diving, Cricket Bowling, Cricket Shot, Cutting In Kitchen, Diving, Drumming, Fencing, Field Hockey Penalty, Floor Gymnastics, Frisbee Catch, Front Crawl, Golf Swing, Haircut, Hammer Throw, Hammering, Handstand Pushups, Handstand Walking, Head Massage, High Jump, Horse Race, Horse Riding, Hula Hoop, Ice Dancing, Javelin Throw, Juggling Balls, Jump Rope, Jumping Jack, Kayaking, Knitting, Long Jump, Lunges, Military Parade, Mixing Batter, Mopping Floor, Nun chucks, Parallel Bars, Pizza Tossing, Playing Guitar, Playing Piano, Playing Tabla, Playing Violin, Playing Cello, Playing Daf, Playing Dhol, Playing Flute, Playing Sitar, Pole Vault, Pommel Horse, Pull Ups, Punch, Push Ups, Rafting, Rock Climbing Indoor, Rope Climbing, Rowing, Salsa Spins, Shaving Beard, Shotput, Skate Boarding, Skiing, Skijet, Sky Diving, Soccer Juggling, Soccer Penalty, Still Rings, Sumo Wrestling, Surfing, Swing, Table Tennis Shot, Tai Chi, Tennis Swing, Throw Discus, Trampoline Jumping, Typing, Uneven Bars, Volleyball Spiking, Walking with a dog, Wall Pushups, Writing On Board, Yo Yo.


Please use the following citation when referencing the dataset:

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🎉Many thanks to Graviti Open Datasets for contributing the dataset
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