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SmartDoc 2017
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Feb 10, 2022 9:10 AM


This is the example and evaluation dataset used for the SmartDoc 2017 Competition on Recognition of Documents with Complex Layouts, as it was made available to the participants of the competition.

Data Format

  • ground_truth.png
    • Description: Ideal image your method should produce. Included in training/demo dataset only.
    • Format: PNG image with 3 channels (RGB, no alpha) “Truecolor” (no indexed colors) @ 8 bits / channel, sRGB color space, no embedded ICC profile. Embedded ICC profiles will be ignored, and values will be assumed to be encoded with sRGB even in the absence of specific file header.
  • input.mp4
    • Description: Video stream which should be processed by your method to produce an image as close as possible to ground_truth.png.
    • Format: No audio stream, 1 video stream: mpeg4 container, H264 encoding, yuv420p color format, variable frame-rates. Frame size may be different from one video to another, but we will target native video recording resolution from smartphones which usually is full HD (1080p).
  • reference_frame_NN_dewarped.png
    • Description: Image of the same shape as the ground truth image: participants should use either the shape of this image or the shape provided in task_data.json to find the exact shape of the image they must generate. Other shapes will results in a failure to evaluate the result. This dewarped image is generated by “undoing” (“unwarping”) the perspective transform the ground truth image has suffered, back-projecting the relevant image area into the target image shape.
      The “NN” value in the name indicates that this frame was the NN-th frame of the video (0-indexed). It usually means it was the first exploitable frame we found when generating the task. For most of the videos this will be “00”, but you should not assume so.
    • Format: Same as ground_truth.png
  • reference_frame_NN_extracted.png
    • Description: The exact same frame from the video input which was “unwarped” to produce the “dewarped” version.
    • Format: Same as ground_truth.png
  • reference_frame_NN_extracted_viz.png
    • Description: Same as reference_frame_NN_extracted.png, but with an extra visualization of the outline of the object to track drawn over the image.
    • Format: Same as ground_truth.png
  • taskdata.json - Description: An easy-to-parse file which contains a summary of important coordinates and shapes of: the image to produce (_target_image_shape), the input video frame (input_video_shape), the object to track (object_coord_in_ref_frame) along with the id of the frame used as a reference (reference_frame_id). - Format: JSON file similar to the example below.
    Example of task_data.json file
  "input_video_shape": {
    "x_len": 1920,
    "y_len": 1080
  "target_image_shape": {
    "x_len": 3508,
    "y_len": 2480
  "object_coord_in_ref_frame": {
    "top_right": {
      "y": -22.679962158203125,
      "x": 1535.1053466796875
    "bottom_left": {
      "y": 830.49786376953125,
      "x": 568.02178955078125
    "bottom_right": {
      "y": 985.6279296875,
      "x": 1526.2147216796875
    "top_left": {
      "y": 177.77229309082031,
      "x": 546.0078125
  "reference_frame_id": 0


  • Point coordinates are float lists with x then y coordinate in pixels. Decimal separator is the dot (“.”) and there may be no decimal part.
  • The coordinates are expressed in the referential where the origin is at the top left of the image, x axis is horizontal (positive toward right) and y axis is vertical (positive toward bottom) — see illustration below.
  • Coordinates may fall outside frame area because of a small part of the document being out of frame.
  • Target shape is an integer list [width, height] expressed in pixels.
  • Frames are 0-indexed (first frame of the video has id 0).
🎉Many thanks to Graviti Open Datasets for contributing the dataset
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