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MPII Human Pose
Jun 20, 2021 9:58 AM


MPII Human Pose dataset is a state of the art benchmark for evaluation of articulated human pose estimation. The dataset includes around 25K images containing over 40K people with annotated body joints. The images were systematically collected using an established taxonomy of every day human activities. Overall the dataset covers 410 human activities and each image is provided with an activity label. Each image was extracted from a YouTube video and provided with preceding and following un-annotated frames. In addition, for the test set we obtained richer annotations including body part occlusions and 3D torso and head orientations.

Data Format

Annotation Description

Annotations are stored in a matlab structure RELEASE having following fields

  • .annolist(imgidx) - annotations for image imgidx
    • - image filename
    • .annorect(ridx) -body annotations for a person ridx
      • .x1, .y1, .x2, .y2 - coordinates of the head rectangle
      • .scale - person scale w.r.t. 200 px height
      • .objpos - rough human position in the image
      • .annopoints.pointperson-centric body joint annotations
        • .x, .y - coordinates of a joint
        • id - joint id (0 - r ankle, 1 - r knee, 2 - r hip, 3 - l hip, 4 - l knee, 5 - l ankle,6 - pelvis, 7 - thorax, 8 - upper neck, 9 - head top, 10 - r wrist, 11 - r elbow, 12 - r shoulder,13 - l shoulder, 14 - l elbow, 15 - l wrist)
          • is_visible - joint visibility
    • .vidx - video index in video_list
    • .frame_sec - image position in video, in seconds
  • img_train(imgidx) - training/testing image assignment
  • single_person(imgidx) - contains rectangle id ridx of sufficiently separated individuals
  • act(imgidx) activity/category label for image imgidx
    • act_name - activity name
    • cat_name - category name
    • act_id - activity id
  • video_list(videoidx) - specifies video id as is provided by YouTube. To watch video on youtube go to here


Please use the following citation when referencing the dataset:

               author = {Mykhaylo Andriluka and Leonid Pishchulin and Peter Gehler and Schiele,
               title = {2D Human Pose Estimation: New Benchmark and State of the Art Analysis},
               booktitle = {IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)},
               year = {2014},
               month = {June}
🎉Many thanks to Graviti Open Datasets for contributing the dataset
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